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50 Year Reunion

Welcome Class of 1965 50th Reunion!!

Dear Class of 1965 graduates and non-graduate alums:

Mark your calendars because your Golden Jubilee 50th Year Reunion will be held October 16-18, 2015 during USD's Homecoming & Family Weekend!  Last October, we concluded an amazing homecoming weekend with the class of 1964.  Your classmates continued our brand new tradition for College for Men & College for Women alumni by being inducted as GOLDEN TOREROS at the Golden Toreros Dinner with the President during reunion weekend.  It was incredible fun and a successful weekend, building on other reunions from previous years!!  Begin preparing yourself for the class of 1965 milestone celebration by reviewing what we did last year!  Then check back, as we update information for the '65 reunion.  If you would like to help plan your class' reunion, you can contact the 50th Reunion &Golden Toreros Office at (619) 849-8106.  

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Schedule of Reunion Events
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50th Reunion Class Gift
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Lost Classmates
A Look Back: What Happened in 1964
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Meet the Class of 1964 Reunion Committee!

College for Men Committee    College for Women Committee
Noel Hall, Chairman  Delle Willett Stattin, Co-Chairwoman
Sebastian D'Amico ^Maureen Pecht King, Co-Chairwoman
^J. Michael Hughes  Cecilia Moreno Carrillo
Dennis Maguire ^Patricia Murphy Christopherson
Tony Mournian ^Victory Strassler Daniels
Gary Reming 
 Vivienne Magnus Deutsch

 Mary E. Fipp

Catherine Lindseth Whelan

^ Committee Member Not Pictured Below

Delle Willett Stattin  Maureen Pecht King  Cecilia Moreno Carrillo  Patricia Murphy Christopherson 

Victory Strassler Daniels  Vivienne Magnus Deutsch  Mary E. Fipp
Catherine Lindseth Whelan 

October 10-12th, 2014
(Click here for photos of previous event venues & to familiarize yourself with campus)

Friday, October 10
Class of 1964 Golden Jubilee Reunion Reception

Saturday, October 11
Tailgate and Picnic
USD Toreros Football Game
College for Women’s Tea
Dinner with the President 

Sunday, October 12
Alumni and Family Closing Mass
Class of 1964 Golden Jubilee Reunion Brunch

Check back for more information on the event times and locations!

Details about the weekend will be included in the invitation sent to your mailbox in August.  Please contact us at the information listed at the bottom of this page to ensure we have your updated mailing address, salutation and contact information.

The traditional 50th reunion class gift is a way for us to honor our colleges and support today's USD students who are following in our footsteps of a half century ago.  We encourage all of our class of 1964 alumni to support the Bishop Charles F. Buddy Endowed Scholarship Fund or the Mother Hill Scholarship Fund.  

Gifts of all sizes are welcomed and appreciated as are pledged gifts up to five years. Commemorate your 50th year reunion with a class gift. Click here to make your gift today! 

Marita Angleton-Sheehan
    Nancy Erhardt
    Rosemarie Murphy

Patrick Bailey     Mary E. Fipp

    Paul Nacozy
John Baumgarten

    Ben Flores

    Gilbert Nares
Alice 'Ciddy' (LaVigne) Bowen

    Colin Fort  
    Frank O'Dwyer
Kathleen (Shaw) Brown

    Noel Hall 
    Jean Ponder-Soto  
Cecilia Moreno Carrillo

         Joanne (Urnezis) Hunt 
         Ginny (Virginia Thompson) Porter
Patricia (Murphy) Christopherson

    J. Michael Hughes
    Gary Reming
Marilynne (McBirnie) Connolly

    Sally Johansing-Held
    Sandy Schadewald
William Coury     Robert Jones     Bill Schammel
Sebastian D'Amico
    Maureen (Pecht) King
    Cynthia & Rene Scheuerman 
Victory (Strassler) Daniels
    Dennis Maguire
    Rosemary (Dunn) Soto
Vivienne (Magnus) Deutsch
    Colette McCanna
    Catherine (Lindseth) Whelan
Chuck Donnelly
    Michael McDonnell
    Ruth Wickersham Hall

Eric von Ehrenberg
    Mary Pat McNally
    Anne Whitlock 
    Delle Willett-Stattin 



(  ) Parenthesis indicate maiden name

In an effort to give the entire class of 1964 the opportunity to partake in this milestone event, we need your help to gather in some of our LOST classmates.  If you have any contact information on these individuals, please pass it along to the USD Alumni Office (619) 260-4819.

Frances (Brescia) Aldana - Found!    Colette Evans
  Donna Lewis 
Wayne Blake
  Robert Foss   Leticia Ochoa
Bruce Bollinger
  Leticia Francis   Dilecta PlananskyFound!
Paul Cagle
  Phil Green   M. Willamine Sheldon
Olga De la Fuente
  Warren Green   Mary Smith
Blair Duffy - Found!
  M. Pierre Harry   R. Mary Sullivan

  John Joly

  Joan Krogmeier



The U.S. President was Lyndon B. Johnson.  There was no Vice President.
U.S. population was 191 million
Cost of a stamp was 5 cents
Major protests ensued over the Vietnam War & the nation was still recovering from President Kennedy’s death
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed by the President becoming benchmark legislation on civil rights
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize
St. Louis Cardinals beat the NY Yankees in the World Series (4-3)
A massive earthquake struck Alaska 
Boston defeated the San Francisco Warriors (4-1) in the NBA Championships
Alabama & Arkansas are hailed as this year’s college football champions
The Summer Olympic Games were held in Tokyo, Japan
Barbara Streisand won album of the year at the Grammys
Popular movies were Red Desert, Dr. Strangelove & My Fair Lady
Popular books were Helmets, Two Poems of the Air by James Dickey, A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway & Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter by K.A.P.
Herbert Hoover, Douglas MacArthur & Harpo Marx died during this year  
“Beatlemania” swept the U.S. & Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali
YouTube News Clips of San Diego News in 1964 -

For more information on our class reunion, check out our Facebook page by clicking here

50th Reunion & Golden Torero Office (Headquarters)
University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park, DAC 206