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50 Year Reunion

Welcome Class of 1965 50th Reunion!!

Dear Class of 1965 graduates and non-graduate alums:

Mark your calendars because your Golden Jubilee 50th Year Reunion will be held October 16-18, 2015 during USD's Homecoming & Family Weekend!  Last October, we concluded an amazing homecoming weekend with the class of 1964.  Your classmates continued our brand new tradition for College for Men & College for Women alumni by being inducted as GOLDEN TOREROS at the Golden Toreros Dinner with the President during reunion weekend.  It was incredible fun and a successful weekend, building on other reunions from previous years!!  Begin preparing yourself for the class of 1965 milestone celebration by reviewing what we did last year!  Then check back, as we update information for the '65 reunion.  If you would like to help plan your class' reunion, you can contact the 50th Reunion & Golden Toreros Office at (619) 849-8106.  

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Meet the Class of 1965 Reunion Committee!

College for Men Committee    College for Women Committee

Ave (De Vanon) Bortz
Patrick Barry
Maureen Buckley

Ginnie (Conway) Curran^

Sarita (Doyle) Eastman
Bruce Dunlap^
Diane (Alanis) Hall^

Victoria (Koss) Kocar

Marilyn (Thayer) Rivas 
Larry Moyer^
Maribeth (Mattison) Rodee
  Mary (Williams) Schaller^
   Kathy (Shea) Siner^
Michael Murphy^   Karen (Graham) Thielke^
  Agnes (West) Kohler 

 Donna (Seery) Widmer

^ Committee Member Not Pictured Below















October 16-18th, 2015
(Click here for photos of previous event venues & to familiarize yourself with campus)

Class of 1965 Reception at O'Toole's campus pub









Campus Bus Tour

Homecoming Tailgate Picnic

Toreros Football Game

Women's College Tea in the French Parlor

and the Golden Toreros induction dinner where you receive your Golden Toreros medal signaling you've reached your 50th reunion.





  All classes Reunion Mass in Founders Chapel



Class of 1965 Brunch to end the weekend of fun and new memories.




Details about the weekend will be included in the invitation sent to your mailbox in mid-August.  Please contact us at the information listed at the bottom of this page to ensure we have your updated mailing address, salutation and contact information.




The traditional 50th reunion class gift is a way for us to honor our colleges and support today's USD students who are following in our footsteps of a half century ago. 
We encourage all of our class of 1965 alumni to support the Bishop Charles F. Buddy Endowed Scholarship Fund or Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund.  Gifts of all sizes are welcomed and appreciated as are pledged gifts up to five years.
Commemorate your 50th year reunion with a class gift. Click here to make your gift today! 



Patrick & Ginette Barry Dave Dubie  Bill & Betsy Lucido  Michael & Gail Rosiak     
 Ron & Susan Bennett Bruce Dunlap  Larry Moyer  Mary Schaller     
 Ave Bortz Tika Eastman  Michael Murphy   Karen Thielke    
Maureen Buckley   Tom & Claudia Ferrara Brian O'Donnell   Agnes West Kohler    
 Ron & Vicki Cady Allan & Carol Gontang   Shawn & Mary Virginia Quinn  Dennis & Wilma Wick    
Michael & Susan Cihak   Diane Hall  Bob & Diana Ramos Donna Widmer     
 Ginnie Curran  Michael & Mary Jackson  Marilyn Rivas Richard & Bernadette Wozniak     
 Nick & Arlene DeTuri Vikki Kocar   Maribeth Rodee      




Lost Classmates   

  Pamela Alesch Guadalupe Del Villar  William Ogawa  Brenda Tidwell    
   Arnulfo Baylon  Jeanne Dryfus Henry Perez Mary Wicker    
   John Black  Robert Flahavan Alcides Pietrini Jay Wilson    
   Albert Bross  Rachel Galvin Paul Preiss      
   Walter Casey  Carol Hoblit Michael Riera      
   Cecilia Coleman  Susan Humiston Tilmer Scott      
   Marilyn Crede  John McGee Junior Seckel      
   Lana Dirr  Roberta Meier Oliver Sullivan      




  • Pope Paul IV becomes the first Pope to visit the United States
  • Vietnam War continues, Lyndon B. Johnson increases troops in South Vietnam from 75,000 to 125,000; 35,000 people march on Washington in protest and Australia officially joins the war
  • The LA Watts riots
  • Mandated health warnings appeared for the first time on cigarette packets
  • The Higher Education Act is signed into law providing low-interest loans for students of higher-education
  • The Voting Rights Act guaranteeing African Americans the right to vote becomes law
  • The Gemini Space Program continues to lay groundwork for an eventual manned mission to the moon
  • Lyndon B. Johnson announces his program to create Medicare and expand his war on poverty
  • The St. Louis Arch is completed
  • Jim Clark wins the Indianapolis 500 and later the Formula One, world driving championship 
  • The latest craze in kids toys was the Super Ball and the Skate Board
  • Fashions changed as women’s skirts got shorter and men’s hair got longer – The mini skirt makes its appearance.
  • Hypertext, a term coined by information technology pioneer Ted Nelson, is introduced for linking text on the internet to other text
  • One of the most popular films “The Sound of Music” is released
  • Other popular films include: Mary Poppins, Goldfinger, My Fair Lady, What’s New Pussycat? and Cat Ballou
  • Popular Books: Dune, The Man with the Golden Gun and Hotel
  • Popular Musicians: The Rolling Stones, Freddie and the Dreamers, The Animals, The Kinks, The Searchers, The Seekers, Moody Blues, Donovan, Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield and Tom Jones.
  • The Grateful Dead with lead guitarist Jerry Garcia play their first concert in San Francisco 
  • The Beatles released 4 new albums including “Help”
  • Warren Buffett gains controlling interest in Berkshire-Hathaway at $18.00 per share - by 2008, each share was worth $150,000.00
  • The Annual U.S. inflation rate was 1.59%
  • The Annual U.K. inflation rate was 5.0%
  • The average cost of a new house was $13,600
  • The average income per year was $6,450
  • Average Rent was $118 per month
  • Gas was 31 cents per gallon
  • A loaf of bread was 21 cents

  • Hurricane Betsy causes $1 billion in damage to the Bahamas, Florida & Louisiana
  • 47 confirmed tornadoes hit in six Midwestern states
  • The Northeast blackouts occurred - most of New York City was out of power for 13 ½ hours, 30 million people were affected

  • Hindi becomes the official language of India
  • Rhodesia declares unilateral independence from Great Britain and becomes Zimbabwe
  • Fighting between India & Pakistan continues to escalate
  • The great train robber Ronnie Biggs escapes from Wandsworth Prison and flees to Brazil
  • The Maple Leaf becomes Canada’s new national flag symbol





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