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There are a number of ways for you to build and maintain lifelong relationships with your classmates, current students and your alma mater. We encourage all alumni to volunteer with USD in any area. The benefits of volunteering include the joy of helping others, personal and professional growth, networking opportunities and the chance to develop new leadership skills. We look forward to working with you! For more information or to join the fun today, email Erin B. Gunning '05, Volunteer Coordinator, at

The main areas that we use volunteers are:

  • Admissions
  • Campus Events
  • Fundraising
  • Homecoming and Reunions
  • Regional Chapters
  • Scholarship Selection
  • Speaking Opportunities  
  • Student Mentoring/Networking

There are also opportunities available with other departments on campus. Take a look at what we have and let us know if you're interested!

University Faculty, Staff and Administrators

On behalf of the Office of Alumni Relations, we thank you for helping engage our alumni by inviting them into your classrooms, providing networking opportunities with current students, and bringing them back to campus in other capacities. To support your efforts to involve alumni in the life of the university, we will arrange parking for your alumni visitors, provide an appreciation gift for alumni speakers/presenters, and send a year-end thank you note from the Alumni Association to all alumni volunteers. To access these benefits, please use our Alumni Engagement Form.