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Senior Class Legacy Program

The Senior Class Legacy scholarship program began in 1989 with three seniors who had the vision to leave a legacy for future Toreros. Sam Attisha '89, David Reiling '89 and Kerry O'Heany Reiling '89 created this scholarship program, by students for students, to ensure that the USD experience would be available for future students. The original vision of the scholarship, and part of the current criteria, is that it would be given to students who have financial need and are making a lasting impact on the University.

Meet the 2014-15 Senior Class Legacy Scholars

Michael Burrafato '16
Class of 2012 Scholarship

Michael Burrafato is majoring in Finance and International Business. With inspiration from his recent voyage on Semester at Sea, he hopes to build a career in private equity or venture capital investing in Latin American or Russia. 

He said, “I will be forever indebted to the generosity of the USD Alumni Association. Not only will this scholarship be an investment in my future, but I am incredibly lucky to be a lifelong member of the Torero family. Thank you for your financial support and endless encouragement; your support helps imagination and determination transcends the depths of a pocketbook to thrive for the future.”

Ashley Mendes '17
Class of 2013 Scholarship


Ashley Mendes is majoring in Mathematics with a secondary education emphasis and has a minor in Spanish.  At USD, she is the membership Coordinator for Running Club, Secretary for Rotaract Club, a member of Students for Life, and a member of the Math Club. Her career goals are to become a high school math teacher and eventually work in secondary education administration.

She said, “Thank you so much for this scholarship. I am forever grateful because I know it will help me tremendously in funding my education at this incredible university.” 

Kai Morse '17
Class of 2013 Scholarship


Kai Morse is majoring in Architecture with a minor in Business Administration. He is a member of Student Support Services. In addition, he is a coxswain on the USD Men’s Crew Team. 

He said, “I would like to thank the USD Alumni Association for choosing me as a Class of 2013 Scholarship. It is greatly appreciated and I look forward to representing USD proudly in the future.”

Alyssa Rodriguez '15
Class of 2011 Scholarship


Alyssa Rodriguez is a biochemistry major, resident assistant theme coordinator for the Natural World Living Learning Community, co-President of the People of the Islands Club and on the executive board for the USD Chemistry Club. She is involved with environmental chemistry research and will be interning with a USD alumna in a cancer research laboratory at Johns Hopkins University in summer 2014. Her goal is to attend a doctoral program in biochemistry and work as a cancer research scientist.

She said, “Thank you to all USD alumni for your support in helping me to achieve my goals and dreams. Your legacy has inspired me to continue to do my best.” 

Maria Ruvalcaba '14
Class of 2010 Scholarship



Maria Ruvalcaba double majored in Political Science and Ethnic Studies with a minor in Latin American Studies.  She was very involved with TRiO Student Support Services and the United Front Multicultural Center with the Latino student organizations MEChA and AChA.  She was also involved with the Women's Center, University Ministry, and Pi Sigma Alpha, the Political Science National Honor Society.  Next year, she will be volunteering with AmeriCorp’s Saint Joseph's Worker program in Los Angeles.

She said, “Thank you so much, alumni, for all your help and support to each and every Torero.  Without your generous contributions, I would not be able to begin my journey as confidently as I am now in my life as a young alumni.  Thanks again, and stay true and be blue!  Olé!” 

Violette Simon '14
Class of 2010 Scholarship



Violette Simon majored in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Theology & Religious Studies. She was the president and founder of Student Outreach and Recruitment, a member of American Medical Student Association and Mortar Board, a tour guide in Undergraduate Admissions, and a mentor in Student Support Services as a first-generation college student. She is now attending the Modern Human Anatomy program in Denver, Colorado.
She said, “Thank you so incredibly much to my fellow Toreros from the Class of 2010 for my scholarship. As I leave college and plan to move and start a new chapter in my life, it's the support of Toreros like you that make so much of it possible.” 

Alumni and students from the Classes of 2010 through 2016 can still give to their Senior Class Legacy scholarship.  Contact Annual Giving at (619) 260-4724 for more information on how to continue your legacy.