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Alcalá Alumni Fund

The Alcalá Alumni Fund provides critical funding to support the highest priorities of USD. Allocated with direction from your fellow alumni, gifts to the Alcalá Alumni Fund, whether modest or  monumental, support much-needed scholarships, the development of academic programs, the enhancement of campus facilities, and the retention and recruitment of esteemed faculty.

Due to generous gifts from alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of the University, the Alcalá Alumni Fund has made a significant impact at USD since its inception in July of 2007.  The fund has supported more than 50 USD students with critical financial aid needs.  Funding from the Alcalá Alumni Fund has also supported USD sustainability programs and the new Student Life Pavilion, a four-story building near USD’s main entrance that provides: large open spaces where students can interact with one another; significantly expanded hours; a multitude of dining options; work spaces for undergraduate, graduate and law organizations; and a marketplace open late into the evening.  The Alumni Association Board of Directors would like to thank USD alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends whose gifts to the Alcalá Alumni Fund have made a difference.

For more information and to donate to the fund please click here.