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Rooms and Rates

Room Capacity Sq. Ft. Room Rate

Living Room

10 – 18


Rate $100/hourly
Alumni rate $50/hourly
including Saturdays; features gas fireplace, and piano


15-30 (standing only)


Rate $50/hourly*
Alumni Rate $25/hourly
*Rental of the Living Room, Courtyard and/or the Boardroom will allow access at no additional charge


150-200 (standing only)
100 (seating only)


Rate $200/hourly
Alumni Rate $100/hourly

Degheri Board Room

Up to 85 (seating only)
 Up to 50 (standing only)


Rate $100/hourly
Alumni Rate $50/hourly
includes use of Back Patio; features LCD projector and screen

Room 112

12 (seating only)


Rate $50/hourly
Alumni Rate $25/hourly

Room 113

12 (seating only)


Rate $50/hourly
Alumni Rate $25/hourly

Rooms 112/113

Up to 35 (seating only)


Rate $100/hourly
Alumni Rate $50/hourly

*Fees subject to change.

Additional Information
Please contact the Degheri Alumni Center for alumni rates and discounts.

A security deposit of no less than 50% of the estimated rental balance is required to secure the rental of any rooms listed above.
The deposit will be held through the event, and will be applied towards the final rental fee plus any additional fees that may incur. 

See our Cancellation Policy under General Usage Policies.

Audio-visual Equipment

The DAC offers an array of audio-visual equipment for your meeting. Both DAC 113 and the Degheri Board Room are currently equipped with its own LCD projector and screen. For any additional equipment, please see our Audiovisual & Equipment list for rates.