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General Policies

Important Note: These policies and guidelines are subject to change without notice.
Please contact the Degheri Alumni Center at for alumni rates and discounts.

Hours of Operation
The DAC is open and available for events Monday through Friday from 8:30AM - 10:00PM and Saturdays from 11AM - 9PM. The DAC is open on a limited basis on Sundays, please contact for availability.

Making Reservations
To reserve an event or meeting at the DAC, please fill out the form.

If your event has been reserved and confirmed by the DAC Operations unit, please review the following guidelines and polices. If you have not scheduled an event at the DAC, and would like to, please see "Making Reservations."

To confirm and guarantee reservations, the University must receive a deposit from the Sponsor in the amount set forth above on or before the date set forth on the contract. The deposit typically represents one-half of the estimated services and facility rental charges, but the amount of the non-refundable deposit will be determined by the University in its sole discretion. The deposit will be credited toward final billing. If the Sponsor fails to timely submit the required deposit, the University is not required to and cannot guarantee the reservations.

General Operating Guidelines

  1. Responsible Sponsor
    The person signing the rental agreement is designated as the "responsible sponsor" and the primary contact. As the responsible sponsor, he/she:
    1. Functions as the representative of the group and as such he/she must be present and remain on site until the event is completed. This includes staying until all guests and/or outside contracted vendors have left the building (i.e. entertainers, speakers, photographers, musicians, etc.)
    2. Is responsible for any and all damage incurred to the building and its furnishings at the time of the event.
    3. Is responsible for insuring that invited guests conform to an appropriate standard of personal appearance and attire when attending events at the DAC. Shoes and shirts are required at all events.
  2. Event/Security Staffing
    1. During normal business hours, the Operations Coordinator will be on-site at the DAC to assist with and serve as a point of contact for the Responsible Sponsor and guests.
    2. Outside of normal business hours (after 5PM weekdays and on Saturdays), an Operations staff member will be on-site to assist and to ensure event success in observation of USD's general liability and safety policy. 

      As determined by the DAC Operations unit, a staff member may not be required at the event. This includes any, or all of the following factors:
      1. Expected headcount is maximum 15 guests.
      2. Alcohol is not being served.
      3. The event does not require A/V technical assistance.
      4. Food and drink are not being provided to guests.
      5. The Sponsor elects to handle set-up and break-down of rental space.
    3. See also "Responsible Sponsor"
  3. Building/Room Access and Lock-up
    (See also "Hours of Operation")
    The Responsible Sponsor may access the rental space for set-up or other event preparations up to one (1) hour before the official event time. One (1) hour for set-up and a half-hour (1/2) for clean-up is included in the reserved rental period. If additional time is needed for set-up, please contact the Operations Coordinator. Additional hourly charges may incur.
    1. Unlocked/Locked Doors - In the case that the building/rental spaces are locked when you arrive, you may contact Public Safety at (619)260-7777 to unlock the building. We will make every effort to make sure to minimize any inconvenience.

      At the end of your event, and after all your guests and vendors have vacated the building please contact Public Safety to inform them that your event has ended, and to lock up the building.
  4. Set-up, Strike, and Clean-up
    Set-up requests and special accommodations must be made by the Responsible Sponsor and confirmed five (5) days prior to the event by the Operations Coordinator. (See also "Building/Room Access and Lock-up") Any change or cancellation from the original request requires at least seventy-two (72) hours advance notice to ensure proper set-up.

    The Responsible Sponsor may elect to handle their own event set-up using the Center's available equipment and furniture. The Sponsor will be responsible for proper handling in the set-up and breakdown of the DAC's physical property. Furnishings must be returned in its original condition to designated storage areas.

    The Degheri Alumni Center will not be responsible for any items remaining on the premises. The Degheri Alumni Center will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items, belonging to the Sponsor and/or its subcontractors.
    1. Set-up Requirements - Doorways must not be obstructed. Standing on tables, or chairs is prohibited. Extension cords must be taped down.
    2. Decorations - Props, floral arrangements, and weighted helium balloons are welcome and must be freestanding from the floor, or on a table. No staples, tacks, nails, or tape may be used to decorate the DAC. No glitter, or any type of confetti is allowed. Candles must sit on a glass or metal container and be enclosed in glass, extending 3" above the flame. Open flames are prohibited inside and outside the DAC in accordance of state fire regulations.
    3. Vendors and Suppliers - The Sponsor must submit a list of all contracted vendors and suppliers to the Operations Coordinator no less than seven (7) days prior to the event.

      Deliveries/Pick-ups - Deliveries and pick-ups of contracted equipment and furnishings must be coordinated no less than ten (10) days with the Operations Coordinator. The Sponsor may list the Operations Coordinator as the on-site contact to sign off on deliveries.

      Any and all deliveries and pick-ups must take place on the day of the event during the designated set-up time. If a delivery or pick-up cannot be made within the designated set-up/clean-up time, please contact the DAC Operations staff to make other arrangements. The DAC Operations staff will not be responsible for assisting in loading, lifting, or carrying equipment.
  5. Damages
    The Sponsor agrees to be responsible for the proper care of the University's premises and property that are used or accessed in connection with this agreement and the Sponsor's event, and to restore them to their condition as of the date Sponsor entered or used the premises or property. The University will bill the Sponsor for any damage or repairs to the University's premises or property that are caused by the Sponsor or any person who was on or using the premises or property under the Sponsor's direction or participating in the Sponsor's event. Any such charges shall be due and payable by the sponsor to the University within ten (10) days of the Sponsor's receipt of the bill from the University.
  6. Audio/Visual Equipment Rental
    Included in the facility rental fee for the DAC Board Room 120 and DAC 112/113 is the use of an LCD projector, projection screen, and access to a podium with microphone.

    For other additional AV requirements, arrangements can be made for non-academic or off-campus groups to rent audiovisual equipment for events held at USD. Please visit , or speak with an Operations staff member about your requests.

    We do not currently offer video teleconferencing capabilities.
  7. Parking
    Parking permits are required Monday - Friday, 6:00AM - 5:00PM, and are obtained at the campus entry kiosks or at the Parking Services Office, Room 150, Hughes Administration Center. No permits are required on weekends. Visitors may park in the West and Mission Parking Structures.
  8. Catering
    USD Banquets & Catering is the exclusive caterer. Policies, pricing and menus are available online at, or by calling (619)260-4560.
  9. Smoking
    Smoking is prohibited in all University residence halls, classrooms, meeting facilities, and dining rooms. Guests who choose to smoke must maintain a distance of at least 20 feet from any openings to University buildings, including doorways, operable windows, and vents to those buildings. All other provisions of the University's Tobacco Policy shall apply.
  10. Pets
    No pets or animals are allowed on the premises at any time unless authorized by center staff or in the capacity of assisting the handicapped.
  11. Children
    Children 12 and under must be supervised at all time by parents, or guardians at the DAC.
  12. DAC Living Room
    The Degheri Alumni Center Living Room may be used for standing receptions and informal gatherings during and after normal business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 10:00PM, and Saturdays, 11AM - 9PM. Rearranging or removing furniture from the Living Room is not permitted.
    1. Fireplace
      Objects, paper, and/or food place in the fireplace is prohibited.
    2. Piano
      The piano may not be moved from the Living Room without authorization from the University.
  13. Publicity
    It is understood that all publicity for the event shall in no way infer that the University of San Diego, or the Degheri Alumni Center is sponsoring or supporting said event, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. All event related materials will clearly state the sponsoring organizations full name and only refer to the University as the location of the event.
  14. Insurance/Liability Requirements
    Commercial General Liability
    Each vendor shall supply a Certificate of Insurance showing evidence or commercial general liability coverage with a limit of at least $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence. The Certificate shall have an endorsement attached naming the University of San Diego as an additional insured. The additional insured endorsement must be attached to the Certificate and have primary and non-contributory wording. Endorsements shall be on CG20 10 [11 85] forms or equivalent (CG 20 10 [07 04] plus CG 20 37 [10 01]) when applicable. Endorsements which limit or exclude coverage will need to be attached to the Certificate.
    • Certificates are to be sent to:

      Degheri Alumni Center, Ste. 204
      Attn: DAC Operations
      University of San Diego
      5998 Alcalá Park 
      San Diego, CA 92110

    All Certificates must be in our office with bids, and prior to any work, event or activity being commenced. Failure to supply the required insurance coverage will cause removal of the vendor from the premises, and withholding of any payments.
  15. Cancellation Policy
    If the Sponsor cancels the event:
    • no later than thirty (30) working days prior to the event, 100% of the deposit will be refunded. The term "working days" as used herein shall mean Monday through Friday but will not include holidays.
    • no later than fifteen (15) working days prior to the event, 50% of the deposit will be refunded.
    • within seventy-two (72) hours of the event, the deposit is forfeited. If the sponsor reserves the facility for the same or another event within six (6) months of the original event date, the deposit may be applied to the new reservation.