Connecting with Alumni

We are all part of the Torero Family! Alumni have valuable tips and advice to pass on to current students. Whether you are trying to pick a major, looking for an internship or just navigating your way through your first year at USD - we've all been there. Activate your Torero network by reaching out to USD alumni for guidance; it can help you make some important decisions.

Tips for building your network

  • View it as more than a network; it's the community of people in your life.
  • Keep those in your network informed. Stay in touch and send a brief note every six months to share what you are doing.
  • It goes both ways. Share your network with others.

Tips for networking at an event

  • Have a goal and a purpose in mind when attending an event. For example: "I want to meet someone who has a contact in the finance industry." Or "I'm interested in talking to three people about the benefits of studying abroad."
  • To interrupt a conversation, walk up with a smile with a hand extended for a handshake.
  • The easiest way to ask someone for their business card is by giving them yours.

Ways you can network with USD alumni

  • Meet with someone in Career Development Center to access the Torero Network, an online database of alumni.
  • Attend USD events that alumni attend such as Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, athletics events, and the Student Alumni Association's networking events.
  • Join the Student Alumni Association, USD Alumni Association LinkedIn group and like the Facebook page.