Q: I'm trying to register for the Torero Network/On-Line Community, but I don't know my ID number. Is it the same as my ID number when I was a student?
A: No. You are assigned a new Alumni ID number. This is the number you need when you register to use the On-Line Community. Please call our office for your Alumni ID number at (619) 260-4819. You may also request your ID number by sending an e-mail to alumni@sandiego.edu.

Q: I have already registered for the Torero Network/On-Line Community, but I have forgotten my Username or my Password. What can I do?
A: To retrieve your username click here.  To retrieve your password click here.

Q: How do I get my Alumni ID card?
A: Our office staff is happy to provide you with your Alumni ID card. Please click here to request your card. You may also visit the Alumni Relations Office in the Degheri Alumni Center to pick up your card in person!

Q: Where is the Alumni Relations Office?
A: The Alumni Relations Office is located in Degheri Alumni Center, Suite 137. Please feel free to stop by any time you're on campus!

Q: How do I join the Alumni Association? What are my benefits as a member?
A: If you received a bachelors or graduate degree from the University of San Diego, you are automatically a member of the USD Alumni Association. As an alumnus you have full access to Copley Library, USD Career Services, Outdoor Adventures, and more. Please visit the benefits page for a complete description of your benefits.

Q: How do I update my address so that I continue to receive mail from the Alumni Office and other USD publications?
A: Click here to fill out a form to update your contact information. Alternatively, if you have registered for the Torero Network/ On-Line Community, you can update your address within the Community. Or call our office at (619) 260-4819 or send an e-mail to alumni@sandiego.edu with your new contact information.

Q: How can you help me get in touch with a fellow alumnus/alumna?
A: Due to our policies of confidentiality, we cannot release contact information to third parties. However, we can contact your classmate for you and leave it up to them to get in touch with you. Also, if you are registered for the Torero Network/On-Line Community, you can search for fellow alumni and see if they have updated their profile.

Q: How do I order copies of my transcripts or a replacement diploma?
A: All requests for transcripts and diplomas are handled by the Registrar. Please click here to visit the Registrar's website.

Q: How can I get more involved with the Alumni Association?
A: There are many opportunities for involvement! We are always seeking new volunteers to help with event committees, such as Homecoming and annual Reunions, and with activities of the Student Alumni Association, such as Take a Torero to Lunch and Finals Feeding Frenzy. Also, you may consider a volunteer position on our National Alumni Board of Directors. If you are interested in more information about these and other volunteer opportunities, please click here.

Q: How do I find out about USD Alumni events happening in my region?
A: The Alumni Association has clubs and regional contacts that hosts events in over 23 regions throughout the United States. Please visit our regional clubs on the alumni website and see if we have a chapter in your region. Click here to view our event calendar.

Q: How to I regain access to my @sandiego.edu account? How do I go about obtaining a new @sandiego.edu account?
Alumni can contact the IT Help Desk to regain access to their account or create a new one. Please call IT Help Desk at (619) 260-7900 or email at help@sandiego.edu to get set up.