Hire USD

As a graduate, you are connected to an extraordinary resource — your fellow USD alumni and current USD students. You already know that Toreros are global citizens and ethical leaders who combine personal and professional achievement with a compassionate and community-oriented approach. The Alumni Association has teamed up with the Career Development Center, and together, we invite you to post internship/externship/job opportunities for your current organization on our respective job boards for alumni and current students. Consider hiring USD first or take advantage of the job boards yourself as you strengthen the USD network. 

Hire Current USD Students

  • Handshake is USD’s centralized online job listing portal accessed by students and alumni. Utilize this network to post career post full and part time jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities for free.
  • Connect with USD talent each semester at Job and Internship Fairs & targeted employer events.
  • Connect with the Employer Relations team in USD's Career Development Center by emailing Sheila Schaffzin at sschaffzin@sandiego.edu.

Hire Alumni

  • Post opportunities on the Alumni Association’s LinkedIn group (only open to USD alumni, faculty/staff, and students)
  • Post entry-level opportunities on Handshake
  • Have a mid or senior-level position available? Email info and a job link to Kara Marsh Proffitt at kmarsh@sandiego.edu to post on various Alumni Association social media platforms.

Network with Students and Alumni

  • Torero Treks
    Throughout the year, the Career Development Center takes small groups of students to companies around the country.  Students tour the facilities, learn about the industry, and network with hiring staff and alumni. A short visit goes a long way towards exposing students to your company. Contact Sheila Schaffzin at sschaffzin@sandiego.edu. Torero Treks site visits may take place in major markets throughout the US.
  • Alumni Association events
    Every event is an opportunity to network and make connections. We encourage all those affiliated with USD to attend events and programs hosted by the Alumni Association. Build your personal network by participating.
  • Volunteer on-campus
    Share your advice with current USD students on a panel or at student organization meeting.
  • Alumni Networking Directory - the Torero Network
    Access the password-protected Torero Network which offers all alumni profiles. Search for alumni based on industry, USD degree, geographic area, and more.
  • Torero Connections
    Torero Connections is a career connections and mentoring platform that offers you the opportunity to share your educational and professional experiences with fellow alumni and current students. You can also use the platform to easily reach out to fellow alumni for career advice or to expand your network.