USD Alumni Mission
Our mission is to connect, engage and involve alumni with the University of San Diego and with one another in support of the university’s mission and goals as a Roman Catholic institution. We also strive to build effective communication vehicles, programs and events that build strong and lasting relationships between alumni and their alma mater.

USD Alumni Vision

  • We envision alumni — both undergraduate and graduate — who are connected and proud, who raise the profile of the University of San Diego and who continue to support its mission of service and Catholic education.
  • We envision alumni who are excited about having graduated from USD. They support each other, cheer for each other and support the university spiritually, intellectually and financially.
  • We envision that prospective students will choose USD in part because of the strength and vibrancy of its alumni network.
  • We envision a transformed USD community that instinctively expects alumni involvement
Our Strategic Plan
The USD Alumni Association developed a strategic plan to chart the course of the organization through 2015. This strategic plan outlines a new way of thinking, organizing and measuring success that will better meet the needs of alumni and the university. The USD Alumni Association is primarily charged with engaging alumni and building relationships with alumni.

At USD, alumni are encouraged to give back to the university by volunteering and by contributing to class giving, alumni endowed scholarships and the Alcalá Alumni Fund, which supports the university’s greatest needs. USD’s national and international prominence is enhanced through stronger ties with alumni and by the alumni themselves.

Our Goals and Accomplishments
The University of San Diego Alumni Association has set ambitious goals for itself, alumni, current students, and donors alike. Check back for our updated report and where we stand.

2016 - 2017 Annual Report
The 2016 - 2017 academic year was one for the books. Check it out our annual report! Learn more...