Student-Alumni Event Sponsorships

Do you have an idea for a event that will engage your club's current members and your club's respective alumni, but you're not sure how to pay for it or how to get the word out to specific alumni?

The Student Alumni Association is here to help! Here's what you need to do to be considered for our sponsorship benefits:

·      Appoint a member from your club to serve as an SAA Delegate Member

This student will have access to exclusive year-round benefits and they will also be expected to uphold certain responsibilities to SAA throughout the course of that respective academic year, and beyond if they so choose (see below for details on benefits and responsibilities)

·      Come up with an event concept

Whether it’s a student-alumni networking event with alumni from your club or a panel of alumni speakers covering a certain topic, or maybe a fundraiser encouraging alumni from your club to support your current efforts - we want to help make it happen! Even if you know you want to incorporate alumni but you aren’t sure how, SAA is here to help you design your event from the ground up. We find the best way to engage alumni is by means of a club they participated in when they were a student, so trust us when we say alumni will want to get involved! 

·      Fill out an event proposal form

After you have your event idea, your appointed SAA Delegate Member will be required to submit a simple event proposal form at least two months prior to the proposed date of the event in order to be considered for our partial sponsorship and access to other Alumni Association resources including: 

What's the catch? We think you'll find that your end of the bargain is not only easy, but also beneficial to your club in a number of ways:

·      SAA Delegate Member Benefits include:

o   Invitation to an exclusive luncheon with President Harris, the Senior Director of Alumni Relations and the President of USD’s Alumni Board

o   Invitation to an exclusive dinner with member of the esteemed Alumni Board, a group of highly influential San Diego-based alumni volunteers who help with large scale fundraising efforts for student scholarships and influence alumni programming

o   Front-of-the-line Finals Feeding Frenzy passes for the SAA Delegate Member and all of their club’s officers

o   Free lunch and educational sessions on the Alumni Association provided at SAA bi-weekly meetings

o   Members will obtain skills and experience in ambassadorship and public speaking, contributing to the depth and credibility of their resume

·      SAA Delegate Member Responsibilities include: 

o   SAA Delegate Member must participate in bi-weekly meetings (to take place during dead hours in the Degheri Alumni Center) where they will receive training and education from SAA Council Members and Alumni Relations staff on the Alumni Association’s benefits, volunteer opportunities, regional chapters, Alumni Board, fundraising efforts and overall mission (member will be allowed one missed meeting per semester)

o   SAA Delegate Members will be expected to co-facilitate at least five brief (15-20 min.) in-class educational sessions throughout the course of each semester, during which they will transfer their knowledge of USD’s Alumni Association to Junior and Senior students. These sessions will serve to propagate the Student Alumni Association’s mission to educate upperclassmen on the Alumni Association so they’re more likely to be highly engaged as volunteer and donors after they graduate from USD

Interested in learning more? Reach out to SAA’s President, Iris Pena at and she’ll be happy to answer your questions, provide insight on an event idea, etc.