Regional Torero Clubs


Gulf Cooperation Council (Coming Soon)

Welcome to the University of San Diego's Torero Network and Torero Clubs! USD alumni and parents of current students live in every state in the nation and in over 100 countries around the world.These groups are advantageous for alumni and parents for many reasons, including:
  • Offering a built-in support network throughout the United States and the world
  • Ability to interact and network with fellow USD alumni and parents for professional and personal reasons
  • A connection to your alma mater or your student's university from hundreds or thousands of miles away
Each Club has its own Club President and active committee dedicated to engaging alumni and parents in that particular area through events, social media, and communication.

Click on the links above to meet our Torero Club Presidents as well as to learn more about each region and how to get involved. We encourage you to connect with your local regional chapter and remain connected to the University of San Diego.