Alumni Participation

Alumni participation is critical to the success, prominence and sustainability of the University of San Diego. For updated information, videos, stats and more about this year's alumni giving goals and accomplishments click here.

The University of San Diego Alumni Association encourages all types of alumni participation from volunteer programs to event attendance to student mentoring. For more information on how to get involved and give of your time and expertise, please see our pages on volunteering here.

What is Alumni Participation? Why is it important?

  • The term alumni participation when used in higher education, specifically means the percentage of alumni that make an annual financial gift to their alma mater.
  • Since alumni participation rate is universally regarded as the best way to measure alumni satisfaction with their alma mater, it is one of the key metrics used to determine national rankings and the financial support received from foundations.
  • These institutions do not look at the dollar amount of alumni gifts, just the percentage of alumni that give at any level. A gift of $25 is just as important as a gift of $2,500 when it comes to alumni participation.
  • Although national rankings and international recognition increases the value of USD degrees, the bottom line is that alumni gifts sustain the University of San Diego. Collectively, thousands of individual gifts enable us to provide much needed scholarships, services, programs and facilities for our current students.

You Choose What to Support

The Alumni Association welcomes gifts to the USD Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund (student scholarships) or Alcala Alumni Fund (for University's greatest needs), but encourage you to make a gift to wherever you feel most passionate. Every alumni gift counts toward our participation rate regardless of where you give and regardless of the size of the gift.

Popular gift designations include:

  • Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund and other scholarship programs
  • Alcalá Alumni Fund to support the Universities' top priorities
  • Your School or College (e.g. Arts & Sciences, Business Administration, SOLES, etc...)
  • Torero Athletics
  • University Ministry
  • Student Organizations

You can give online by clicking here. 

Thank you for giving back to your alma mater and please help us educate your fellow USD alumni on the importance of alumni participation.