Alcalá Alumni Fund

Thank you!  Your gift to the Alcalá Alumni Fund supports the University’s greatest needs, which means your impact is felt all over campus.  Annually, USD’s provost shares the campus’ highest priorities with the USD Alumni Association Board of Directors. These alumni leaders then designate the Alcalá Alumni funds toward the University’s worthy causes.

See how your money was used to enrich campus life.

Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Alumni Endowed Scholarship program gives out more than $30,000 in scholarships to 15+ students annually. You, in part, made their USD education possible.  Check out some of the students, who benefited from your support.

Alumni Connections Fund
The Alumni Connections Fund supports innovative programing that strengthens alumni connections to each other and USD. These funds will support the USD Alumni Association and the Career Development Center partnership on Torero Treks, a program where students visit alumni working at companies in regions outside of San Diego. This year students will be visiting alumni at companies in Los Angeles, Seattle and the Bay Area. Alumni see how you and your company can get involved. Students apply at the Career Development Center. These funds will also support alumni programming with USD Athletics.

Changemaker Scholarship
The Changemaker Scholarships grants up to $5,000 to more than 25 students based on financial need and demonstrated commitment to positive social change. A total of $75,000 in scholarship money was generously donated through the USD Alcala Alumni Fund to recognize students with the capacity to take action and create a positive social impact.

Changemaker Challenge
The Changemaker Challenge invites students, faculty and staff to generate ideas for addressing a current social challenge proposed by leaders from the San Diego/Tijuana region. The funds from the Alcala Alumni Funds aids in the promotion of the Challenge, the execution of 10+ workshops and field trips and overall engaged 500+ students, staff, and faculty. Check out the theme winners.

Student Travel
Every year, the Provost learns of students who cannot participate in core programming away from San Diego due to lack of travel funds. This year, the Alcala Alumni Fund will support students who have financial need, which will allow them to travel to academic conferences, participate in away club sporting events or even study abroad.  

Thank you again for making USD possible!