USD Lore & Unsolved Mysteries

Alumni have passed down many campus legends, lore and mysteries throughout the years. Below are just a few items that have worked their way down through the generations of Toreros.

Were you a Blue Bomber? Do you know the secret behind any of these mysteries? If you have knowledge or comments you want to share with your fellow alumni regarding the questions below, please email us at Include your name and grad year.

Also, please send us your USD lore or unsolved mysteries and we can ask other alumni if they can unravel the mysteries!

  1. Why do we avoid stepping on the University Seal in Maher?
  2. Who is the Blue Nun?
  3. Have you heard an echo at Colachis Fountain?
  4. Why is it called Dead Hours?
  5. Is Raquel Welch the figure on top of the Immaculata?
  6. Is there something peculiar about USD's swimming pool?
  7. Who are the Blue Bombers?
  8. What is the Alamo Club?
  9. Who were The Pioneers?
  10. Who wrote USD's Alma Mater?
  11. Why is the tree in front of Aromas Café crooked?
  12. Does USD artificially color the green grass throughout campus?

Submitted by Gary Schons '73 on 6/16/10
5. The lore is that Raquel Welch worked as a secretary either at USD or for the chancery on campus and was the model for the figure of Mary atop the Immaculata. Could be as she was Catholic and a resident of San Diego who attended San Diego State.
6. USD's swimming pool is a few inches too short of 25 meters and therefore cannot be used for competitive swimming.
7. If the "blue bombers" are the "Westwing (deSalles Hall) Bombers" I can state they did exist and one was Robert Kruetzer, who went on to become a doctor and Navy officer, and who tragically passed away as a result of a heart attack in 1991 at age 40. His widow, Peggy, and each of his three daughters attended USD. I cannot in good conscience identify any other of the Westwing Bombers who survive.
9. The Pioneers is the original school mascot.