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Alumni Affinity Group Information

An affinity group at the University of San Diego is any collection of Torero alumni who actively engage in communicating and/or gathering around a central unifying purpose, mission or background including academic experiences, student organization/clubs, and Torero athletics. The Alumni Association supports and provides funding opportunities for all affinity groups that meet eligibility requirements. 

If you are interested in hosting a special group reunion during Homecoming and Family Weekend please connect with Kara Marsh Proffitt, '04, Director of Alumni Operations and Engagement, at

Official groups as approved by the Alumni Association:

Other groups:

Affinity groups are valuable to the university, the Alumni Association and to alumni because they provide additional ways to connect with Torero alumni outside of the typical scope of regional programs or class reunions.

Do you want to apply to have your group officially recognized under the Alumni Association?
Click here to read our Affinity Group Guidelines (updated 2/19/2021)
Click here to download our Affinity Group Application (updated 8/20/18)

To start your own official affinity group please contact Kara Marsh Proffitt '04, Director of Alumni Operations and Engagement, at